Call for Sites

Maidstone Call for Sites – November 2019

Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) requested submissions from landowners across the borough of potentially developable land for new housing as part of their “Call for Sites” exercise.

MBC received 334 submissions with 19 of these in the parish of Lenham.

One of the submissions was made by MBC itself in the form of the ‘Heathlands Garden Community’ proposing land – which they do not currently own – in Lenham Heath for around 5,000 new homes (site 289).

The above map shows (by navigating on the left hand toolbar) each of the sites submitted for land within the parish of Lenham – these are shown in red. It also gives an indicative number of homes per site. Those sites in blue are ones which are already consented with building already started or soon to start.
Click here to see a larger version of this map.

Although Save Our Heath Lands Action Group was principally set up to oppose the Garden Community proposal at Lenham Heath, we also have a significant interest in other sites put forward for development in the parish.

We are greatly concerned that the 19 sites submitted propose nearly 7,000 new homes for Lenham, nearly four times the size of the village today.

No decisions have been taken on these sites and a submission does not guarantee that they will be given planning permission to build on. Lenham Heath site proposed by the Council is a very real threat to our community given it’s Garden Community status and the proposer being MBC as ‘master developer’ itself.

More detail on MBC’s Call for Sites exercise can be found on their website here