Council squanders public money on PR company

31 / 10 / 21

Maidstone Council has appointed a PR company at significant cost to run the public engagement exercise for its Heathlands Garden Community proposal.  We are Fabrick originally booked two dates at the Community Centre on 31 October and I November to showcase the plans for the garden community. But MBC surprisingly pulled the plug on these plans at the last minute and will now be running these in the new year following the Regulation 19 public consultation for the Local Plan Review.

It would seem that yet again, the Council is avoiding public scrutiny on what is a disastrous proposal as it realises that the arguments it’s putting forward for the Heathlands garden community just don’t stack up.

The Council has already squandered an eye-watering £564,000 on this doomed project so far, not to mention over £50k of taxpayer’s money on the public relations company.  Money that could have been more wisely spent on other much needed public services.