Council debate garden town – 24 June 2020

02 / 07 / 20

An update report on the garden community at Lenham Heath was discussed by councillors at the  P&R Committee on 24 June, although we are none the wiser about the detail of the revised masterplan, which the council continues to progress behind closed doors.

We took this opportunity to ask five pertinent and searching questions to the Chairman to bring to light some of the key issues that we felt weren’t covered in the report and needed to be brought to the attention of councillors.  The questions focused around KCC’s proposed sand quarry at Chapel Farm East, supposed meetings with Ashford Borough Council and Highways England and the viability of the scheme.

As usual Councillor Cox was elusive and vague with his answers and it was clear in the discussions that the lead officer wasn’t providing councillors with all the facts about the project. Councillor Cox emphasized the significance of the Homes England letter of intent and incorrectly referred to it as a ‘done deal’ which was corrected by Councillor Burton.  At one stage, a councillor referred to the scheme as a ‘garden city’!


On the positive side, it would appear that councillors are beginning to ask more searching questions and challenge officers to provide more information.

You can read a transcript of the debate here

So what’s the next stage?

William Cornall has organised a briefing for councillors on 20 July before the next P&R Committee on 21 July.   This is when they will discuss the new financial plan and the revised masterplan.

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