Enough is Enough on Council’s housebuilding

13 / 03 / 20

The people of Maidstone say ‘enough is enough’ to the Council’s housebuilding plans.

Over 3,000 residents from across the borough have signed a petition organised by Save Our Heath Lands action group urging local councillors to rethink its housing strategy.

Lack of infrastructure, pollution, traffic congestion, lack of local facilities, loss of green space and natural habitat were just some of the heartfelt reasons that people gave for signing the petition.

Kate Hammond, campaigner for SOHL said; “It’s only a month since we launched the petition and the response from local people has been overwhelming. Everyone is united in saying ‘enough is enough’ to Maidstone Borough Council about further housebuilding. We’ve had people from all over the borough signing the petition, including those living in the town centre who are fed up with the traffic congestion, to residents from the rural areas who feel their villages and the local environment are being destroyed.

Residents who signed the petition aren’t NIMBYS. Many are already seeing the effect the new housing developments and poor infrastructure are having on the quality of people’s lives.

Let’s hope that Maidstone Borough Councillors listen to the strength of feeling of local people who are strongly opposed to any more house building. Kent is no longer the Garden of England and too much of our countryside is being swallowed up.”

The petition not only asks the Council to reconsider its housebuilding numbers, but it also requests that a full infrastructure assessment is undertaken to address historical issues, and meaningful engagement is held with parish councils and local communities before any decisions are taking on planning any new developments.”

Save our Heathlands action group is campaigning to stop the Council-led garden community proposal at Lenham Heath from going ahead, which would include building 5,000 houses, a motorway junction and high-speed train station on 900 hectares of agricultural land.

Sign the petition here.