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21 / 03 / 20

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Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Lenham Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Consultation

I am writing in support of the proposed Lenham Neighbourhood Plan.

I would also like to confirm my strong support for the suggested re-wording of policy CP1 and addition of a paragraph 6.9.3 (copy of which is below) as proposed by the Save Our Heath Lands Campaign Group. The paragraph and policy is necessary as it will help align the Plan to recent Government guidance and importantly help to further protect Lenham’s landscape and countryside.

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Please could you notify me of the decision made by the Council following a referendum and/or when the Neighbourhood Plan is made.

Yours faithfully

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Suggested new Paragraph 6.9.3

6.9.3    One of the particular distinctive characteristics of Lenham Parish is the existence of relatively isolated rural settlements such as Sandway, Platts Heath, Lenham Forstal, Lenham Heath, West Street and Woodside Green. There is a strong relationship between the built elements of Lenham Parish, the village, the hamlets and the other settlements and their wider landscape setting. At various points across the Parish, there are clear lines of sight of the AONB, open countryside and back again from open countryside towards the built form. This experience is enhanced in several elevated locations in the Parish. This locally distinctive context provides a sense of identity and particular character. The particular landscape sensitivity of the Parish is objectively assessed in the ‘Maidstone Landscape Capacity Study: Sensitivity Assessment’ (January 2015) produced by Jacobs for Maidstone Borough Council.


Suggested replacement for Policy CP1: Countryside Protection

Protection for the Countryside and the Rural Settlements: Policy CP1

The Lenham Local Policies Map shows the settlement boundary for Lenham village which is extended to include the Strategic Housing Delivery Sites. Proposals for new development in the countryside beyond the extended settlement boundary will be assessed in terms of:

1) the potential visual impact of the development;

2) the landscape character effects on the site and its surroundings;

3) the potential impact on the biodiversity of the area;

4) the capacity of infrastructure and services available to serve the proposal; and

5) how the proposal relates to the setting of the isolated rural settlements.

Development proposals should seek to protect and enhance the environment of the Parish with particular emphasis on avoiding harmful impacts on the hamlets and other rural settlements. Proposals which fail to demonstrate that these impacts can be satisfactorily addressed will not be supported.