MBC Consultation 19 delayed

04 / 07 / 21

Maidstone Borough Council’s next Public Consultation on the Local Plan Review – Consultation 19 has been delayed.

Consultation 19 is where the public are able to comment on Maidstone’s final planning strategy for the Local Plan Review. The process is similar to Consultation 18b where everyone is invited to provide feedback on the final plan for development in the Maidstone area for the next 15 years.  SOHL will provide details on what you need to do to participate in the Consultation once we know the dates for the consultation and the process is confirmed by Maidstone Council.

The Consultation was due to begin in June 2021 however MBC officers announced at the June 2021 Strategic, Planning and Infrastructure (SPI) Committee meeting that the process will be delayed.  They will provide a new timetable for members to approve in July.  As soon as we hear anything more about MBC’s plans to launch its public consultation 19 we will let you know. 

This will be one of our last chances to have our voices heard before the Local Plan goes to the Planning Inspector for examination.  It is very important you respond to the public consultation and let MBC know your views and objections to the Heathlands proposal.  You will be able to do this via the Council’s consultation portal or via email. We will keep you posted. Look out on our website, social media and emails for more information.