MBC’s letter to minister gets ‘lost in the post’

25 / 06 / 20

A letter signed by the political leaders of Maidstone Borough Council to housing secretary Robert Jenrick asking him to review the housing numbers in Maidstone has apparently got lost in the post.  The letter was sent by first class post and yet the borough council didn’t keep a record of its delivery.  This only came to light some five months later and precious time has been wasted.

Why would MBC send such an important letter in the post with just a first class stamp – it should have been signed for at the very least or sent via email.

What is more, the Leader of the council has made numerous assurances in the local media and to SOHL at committee meetings that MBC is challenging the government on the local housing numbers but had not received a response.



We have to wonder whether the letter was actually sent at all and if this the level of incompetence that we have come to expect from our local council.

You can read more about this story in the Downsmail – https://www.downsmail.co.uk/news_sport/News/EXCLUSIVE_MBC_admits_crunch_housing_crisis_letter_was_NOT_tracked/?fbclid=IwAR2SClzqxoz1P0w4uWN