New masterplan published for proposed Garden Community

17 / 07 / 20

Maidstone Borough Council has produced a new glossy brochure to reveal its updated masterplan of the proposed garden community at Lenham Heath. This is hidden away in the report for the next Policy and Resources Committee, which is being held on Tuesday 21 July at 6.30pm.

View the new masterplan here.
View the council meeting papers here.

Clearly this is a sales pitch from the ‘commercial arm’ of the Council to try to convince councillors to back the scheme, but fundamentally it doesn’t change the fact that this project is both unrealistic, unviable and unsustainable.

The project no longer includes a High Speed rail station nor does it include the much talked about motorway junction following the Council’s fruitless investigations.

We remain determined to fight our case with the Council on behalf of local residents. This project can be stopped. 

Be assured that we’re on the case, and SOHL members have been going through the revised masterplan, ready to challenge the Council on every aspect at its meeting.

Over the next few days, we’re busy preparing briefings for the councillors and the local media and drafting questions for the committee meeting on a range of issues including infrastructure, the viability of the scheme, the minerals plan and land ownership.

Stay tuned – as once we’ve had time to digest the revised masterplan fully we will be updating you on our campaign and future events. As you can guess, it’s a very busy time for our SOHL volunteers, but we will keep you posted.