New timeline for Local Plan Review

10 / 10 / 20

September 2020 has been a confusing month as the timeline for the Local Plan Review has been constantly changing.
After the 30th September Full council meeting, we have finally received some clarity.
The SPI committee has three meetings scheduled for November (9th, 10th and 18th).  The committee will debate and sift through the sites green-lighted by officers to ultimately agree on the spatial strategy for the Local Plan Review.  They will decide which sites will stay in.  The sifting process was due to happen at the beginning of October but has now been delayed until November.
This means we will know after the 18th November if MBC’s Council Led Garden Community at Lenham Heath will be included or will be thrown out.
The Public Consultation for the Local Plan Review has been delayed from Mid-October to the 3rd December.
We hope the timeline will not change again.